End of Event Meme

by Orual

  1. Hour 23 was probably the hardest for me.
  2. I would recommend 84, Charing Cross Road for future readers. It’s quite short, being a book of letters, and it’s totally charming.
  3. I guess it’s more up to the people hosting the mini-challenges, but I’d rather winners be chosen based on the quality of their submissions, rather than it being random.
  4. I think it all went just fine.
  5. I finished two books I had already begun and read four other whole books. Roughly 800 pages total!
  6. Books I read:  The Book of Lost Things (Connolly), 84 Charing Cross Road (Hanff), Selected Stories (Dubus), Hiroshima (Hersey), The Return of the Soldier (West), and The Time Machine (Wells)
  7. I enjoyed 84 Charing Cross Road the most. I love reading books about books!
  8. I didn’t much care for The Book of Lost Things. It was well-meaning but sort of incoherent.
  9. I wasn’t a cheerleader this year.
  10. If I remember, I’ll probably participate again. Definitely as a reader. Maybe I’ll host a mini-challenge next time, too.